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  • Entry into rated Derbyshire Chess Association leagues
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  • Entry to our club

If you are interested in becoming a member - please first come along for a few free club nights to get to know us, then email and we will reply with payment information: bulc.ssehcrepleb@tcatnoc

Membership directory

Please note
This members list is pulled from the publicly available listing on the ECF website.
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Please get in touch with us: bulc.ssehcrepleb@tcatnoc
NameClassical RatingRapid RatingBlitz Rating
Alan F Downham1850K🐢
Alex Webster1905K🐢
Andrew Townsend1822K🐢
Andrew Wathen1565P🐢
Andy Townsend1895K🐢
Ben Lester1404K🐢
Craig Fores1468K🐢1208P🐇
Daniel Hardman1855A🐢1768K🐇
David JF Woodhouse1636K🐢
Dragoljub Sudar1860K🐢1910K🐇
Edward Brown1480K🐢
Hubert Mossong2041K🐢
Ian R Morrell1206K🐢
James Flint1527K🐢
James R Shore1753K🐢
John D Hoddy1789K🐢1427P🐇
John M Potter2176A🐢1966K🐇
John S Shaw1753K🐢
Jonathan Townsend1064K🐢
Kenelm Acons1432P🐢
Lee Garratt1401K🐢
Luke S Alldread1877K🐢
Martin Cobham1780K🐢1729P🐇
Matthew Bubis1735K🐢
Michael J Alderson1982K🐢
Nigel D Marshall1503A🐢1562P🐇1337K
Norman W Parkin1478K🐢
Paul H O'Flanagan1512K🐢
Rahil Babariya1769K🐢1662P🐇
Roger Moors1571K🐢
Roger W Walker1610K🐢1779P🐇
Ronald S Harrison1505K🐢
Sebastian Castro1759P🐢
Simon N Gilmore2121K🐢
Simon R Edwards2034K🐢
Sohrab Panday1903K🐢1792P🐇
Steve P Retout2023P🐢
Vaughan WG Smith1614K🐢1885P🐇